Shamrock Mountain Building Ltd.


Shamrock Mountain Building is a growing company from Golden, BC that operates primarily in the Calgary area. We offer a large range of professional, calculated trades with only the best of quality at all times.

My name is Dale Higgins and together with my wife, Alana, we live in the idyllic town of Golden, nestled next to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort (KHMR), deep in the heart of beautiful British Columbia. We range from small contracts all the way up to general contracting multi-million Dollar projects. Solid team attitude from all workers make each project efficient, cost effective and completed on price and on time.

Why Golden?

KHMR boasts views of the Rockies, Purcells and the Selkirks. Three of the continents most magnificent mountain ranges. Couple this with views of the mighty Columbia and the wild Kicking Horse rivers; you can appreciate the rustic beauty of this dramatic landscape. Outdoor adventures at every possible turn.

Why Calgary?

Shamrock started out working in Golden and the Kicking Horse area. We found that most of our residential customers and building clientele were from the Calgary area. After many successful projects these relationships slowly spread to the Calgary area and have blossomed exponentially in the past three years. We find it's good to have a balance between the city and mountain regions as it keeps the workers and ideas fresh.

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